att culturaliAlongside the didactic and curricular activities, InSicilia proposes a program of recreational and cultural activities that make the stay a pleasant experience and concur to ease the learning of the language and the culture in informal contexts. Guided thematic trips (Palermo in Liberty, Arab Palermo, Baroque Palermo, Palermo and the markets, the gardens of Palermo, Holy Palermo, Profane Palermo), entertaining activities with young Italians (Tandem), conversations while eating (aperitifs and group dinners in typical restaurants), excursions by bike, sport activities, viewing movies and famous Italian fictions etc.


Linguistic tandem

Among its activities, InSicilia proposes an ulterior interesting opportunity for the immersion in the language and lifestyle of the Italians to the students, inviting them to participate to the Linguistic Tandem.
The tandem is an entertaining and original method for learning new languages thanks to the linguistic and cultural interchange: it is, in fact, a proper conversation with a native Italian Tandem-Partner with whom to “exchange” his own language, by living the role both of the student and of the teacher.
The Linguistic Tandem is, then, an extraordinary occasion to deepen the knowledge of Italian because, through personal contact, it allows to improve oral communication abilities outside of the classroom, representing, at the same time, a unique opportunity to know new people and discover authentic sides of the Italian life. To give value to the socializing dimension of the Tandem, some encounters will happen outside of the Center’s locales.