InSicilia – Italian School of Language is a project born from the long-standing experience of Asterisco in the ambit of European mobility projects and professional formation, with the aim of promoting the diffusion of the Italian Language and Culture, by appealing to those who share interest and love for our language and its history and to who, for professional or study needs, wishes to improve his linguistic competences.

Asterisco is a Accredited Authority at:

• The Sicilian Region for the distribution of Formative (A and B Macro-typologies) and Orienteering (CIR AH0870) Services;
• The National Agency for Youth in quality of “Organization of Dispatch and Coordination for promotion of the European Voluntary Service” (Code 2009-IT-213);
• The Fon.TerForma TempFondoProfessioniFonditalia for developing and updating the competences of the agency workers.

Asterisco is an Authority:

• Authorized according to the article 276 of 2003 to offer services of job mediation; Ministry of Work and Social Politics, signed to the Professional Register of Agencies for Work Section III, following Article 6 comma 8-ter of D.Lgs. 276/03;
• Authorized  to offer formative stages and internships to students and graduates from Palermo University (Agreement 12835 of 11/02/2008) – Industrial Liaison Office, Messina University (Agreement 12826 of 5/03/2009) – Industrial Liaison Office for the Orienteering Area of Ustica and job placement, Kore University Enna (Protocol 463 of 14/12/2009) – SIOT Kore University Enna ;
• Civilian Service Centre registered in the Sicilian Region’s Register, fourth class (Accreditation Code NZ03270).

Asterisco has acquired the Quality Certification issued by AJA Registrars Europe srl Certificate Number AJAEU/08/11192 EAC 37 Standard ISO 9001:2008.