Time for Leaders

Letai??i??s continue to explore the set of soft skills. The #Leadership is probably the most difficult to define. You can find wide range of definitions and interpretations about the leaders qualities. They all right!

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The simpliest definition of leadership according to the dictionary contains 4 meanings:

1. theAi??positionAi??orAi??functionAi??ofAi??a leaser,Ai??aAi??personAi??whoAi??guidesAi??orAi??directsAi??a group:

2. abilityAi??toAi??lead:

3. anAi??actAi??orAi??instanceAi??ofAi??leading;Ai??guidance;Ai??direction:

4. theAi??leadersAi??ofAi??aAi??group.

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Warren Bennis: ai???Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.ai???

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Leadership has nothing to do with high position or status. Leadership is the part of the essential soft skills set. It can be developed and trained as any of those skills. Here are some (but not all!) qualities of successful leadership:

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AzAi??Self-Awareness and Empathy http://restaurantsuppliesphoenixarizona.com/restaurant-supplies/cheap-ralista-6/ . It is important to recognize your personal strengths and work on your weaknesses. Empathy is s the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. Leaders treat others with a respect and understand their needs.

AzAi??Decisiveness. The leaders must be able to make hard decision quickly and confidently in any circumstances. Moreover, they must to have knowledge how to control the stress and conflicts. Importance of being ready for the unexpected situations.

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AzAi??Accountability. ventolin for sale on internet. The leaders are the ones who takes the responsibility for their decisions and actions. The followers needs to trust the person they chose to follow.

AzAi??Confidence. Being well educated and havingAi??strongAi??beliefsAi??are important. Though the leaders have to be able to accept criticism and Ai??not to forget of being humble.

AzAi??Optimism. Positive vibes and energy is necessary to keep up the motivation of the followers. Enthusiasm is contagious.


AzAi?? Buy https://buyclomidonlaine.com/ Inspiration and motivation is the main point to influence others to perform at their best and reach the desired goals.

AzAi??Envisioning. Leaders have a long-term vision and ideas of the future. The great leader directs the team all the way to help them to change the vision into reality.

AzAi??HonestyAi??and transparency. The importance of the ethical and clear behaviour followed by key values and beliefs of the group.

AzAi??Communication. It is key point to build strong long lasting relationships and gather the followers around you. Leaders are good listeners! In order to lead the right direction, the leaders must ask questions and understandAi?? the needs and desires of others. Feedback is way to improve.


AzAi??Adaptability. Leaders have to handle unexpected or uncomfortable situations. They are the ones who have to know how to react according to new situation, stay open to new ideas, changes and adjust.

AzAi??Delegation and empowerment. The leaders value and can see the real potential of the people around. Hence, they are not afraid to delegate the responsibilities and give the power.

As we mentioned before, there is no common leadership definition, as well as there is no one set of skills specified for leaders! Though to focus on qualities mentioned above might be a good start for everyone!

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