Why to learn Italian language?

There are some great reasons why to start learn Italian language:

Italian languageis recognised as one of the most beautiful, musical and romantic language of the world. “La Bella Lingua”. Don’t you agree? Italian developed from Latin language. It is spoken mainly in Italy,  Switzerland, Vatican City, San Marino and as a second language  in Albania, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, France (especially in Corsica). Italian language is the 4th most frequently taught foreign language in the world. Knowing Italian language increases the ability to learn another languages, for example English or Spanish.

Speaking foreign language gives a great opportunity to know the country and its rich culture. If you are big fan of arts, music, literature, architecture or movies – this is the important reason to start learn the Italian. According to UNESCO Italy is having almost 60% of the world’s arts heritage. Knowledge of Italian is crucial to understand the contexts of the art and its history. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many other artists were Italians. Italian literature can be proud of the world’s famous writers and thinkers, from Dante, Galileo Galilei  to Umberto Eco etc. By the way, nowadays most of the famous Operas are still in Italian language all around the world. So it brings you pleasure to enjoy both the sound and the content. Besides, knowing Italian language allows you to enjoy the famous Italian movies of Fellini, Francis Ford Coppola without subtitles.  To hear the expressions in original language are always better!

Italy has 4th largest national economy in Europe. It is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries. Italian investments abroad and international companies in Italy gives the great  opportunity for your future career. Everybody knows the famous brands like Versace, Gucci, Armani without doubts! Italy is a world leader in many industries, such as food, design, fashion, robotics, engineering and so on. Hence, skills of Italian language is requested!

Italian language is totally beneficial for food lovers. Italian cuisine is ranked as one of the best in the world. Italian has the highest number of words for naming the food. Remember just the types of pasta!! Italian knowledge is vital to understand the menu in the restaurant or to do the shopping in street markets. This also might help you to save your money!

Italy is in the Top world destinations list. Language barrier is very annoying part of the travelling. For this reason, knowing the Italian language is very helpful to save your time and avoid funny misunderstandings! It also rise up your  change to take all the best experience from your trip. Asking the direction, visiting the theatre, museums will let you fully enjoy without stress!

Learning new language is a great and fun way to meet new people. Communication with local people in their native language are always more sincere and allows to create new friendship and contacts. Italians loves to talk! Talking with Italians in their language gives great satisfaction and unique stories to hear!

“A different language is a different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini

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