Walking around Palermo – Chiesa di San Cataldo

The Chiesa di San Cataldo is a church in the central square of Piazza Bellini in Palermo city. It is an example of the Arab-Norman architecture under their domination and influence of the island. This church is founded around 1154 by admiral Majone di Bari, in the 18th century the church was used as a post office. In the 19th century it was restored and brought back to a form more similar to the original palace. The ceiling has three characteristics red, domes and Arab-style merlons. This style is unique and attracts the attention of Palermo visitors. The building great example of mixture of cultures in Palermo, where parts of the church, for instance the bell tower, looks more similar to Northern France or England. At the same time, the church reflects the Islamic and Byzantine architecture, such as the preference for cubic forms, the blind arches and the typical spherical red domes on the roof. The interior pavement is the original by a impressive mosaic decoration. The old City Wall can be seen above the Church.

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