Our courses, workshops, seminars, technical visits are dedicated to European teachers, trainers, experts, policy makers and others who want to develop professional skills in interactive and inspiring atmosphere.

The objectives of the training experience

-> To offer the participants mobility experience in a different country from which they come from;
-> To strengthen the skills and competences of the participants in relevant fields;
-> To improve the quality of, and access to, continuing training and the lifelong acquisition of skills and competences;
-> To promote and reinforce the contribution of training in the process of innovation, to improve competitiveness and entrepreneurship, and also to build new employment opportunities;
-> To enhance linguistic and cultural knowledge of the participants;
-> To promote the mobility, cultural exchange, intercultural communication and cooperation between different countries.

Each tailored training is based on the needs of the participants. We are strongly focused on the development of soft competencies fostering creativity and entrepreneurship, increasing communication skills, team building and conflict management.

Our approach

- We tailor the content to the themes relevant to achieve the goals of the programme;

- Our competent trainers are equipped with theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience;

- We combine theory and practice;

- We use advance ICT techniques during all the phases of the programme;

- We integrate professional and artistic forms of expression into the content;

- We encourage reflections and feedback after each course programme;

- We issue certificates after the programme;

- We put a special emphasis on social and cultural dimensions of programmes.


Below you can find the main areas of the courses that we offer:

The context of our courses varies according to your needs and our capacities. We are honored to be able to share values, raise awareness of the beauty and excellence of Sicily, especially in the sectors where Sicily is protagonist, such as Restoration, Tourism, Wine making, Food and catering, Handicraft, Culture and Arts.


We offer professional courses for young people and adults who are willing to gain knowledge and improve skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We have fully equipped computer rooms and we are paying a particular attention to innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and project-based teaching and learning.


We propose courses that are designed to provide to the participants a set of skills and  attitudes that they can operate in an efficient manner in the fields of marketing, administration and financial management.


We develop courses targeted at entrepreneurs, young people, adults learners in order to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and to provide participants with the set of skills and competences needed to start or improve a business, as well as to teach about the entrepreneurship.


We design courses based on one of our core values – creativity. We offer an experimental approach to young people, teachers and adult learners to get familiar with Italian culture, arts and traditional handicrafts. Moreover, we strengthen the skills and competences of the participants providing them with an unique opportunity to turn theory into experience.


We tailor programmes for SMEs, Institutions or Schools that are specialized in the touristic sector. Courses, seminars, workshops, visits are designed by professionals and implemented together with local Sicilian touristic enterprises (Restaurants, Hotels, Tourism Agencies etc.).


We offer courses for teachers, trainers, experts in order to improve the teaching methods, coaching skills and competences. We propose hands-on-activities on how to improve their management skills and how to deal with difficult day to day situations.


We organize courses aimed at improving the communication skills. The courses are run by experts and with the collaboration of local educational schools or institutes.


We could organize a training course considering your needs since we work in partnership with local Enterprises and Organisations, active in various economic sectors, to design and deliver tailor-made programmes for young people, teachers, trainers and experts.

You can find more information about our training courses on the following link:

- Catalogue of Training Courses of InSicilia

- Catalogue of Training Courses of Asterisco