The Colorful Markets of Palermo

Palermo, besides many other things, is a great city for ancient markets. Palermo markets often linked to the Arab merchants of the tenth century. Particularly Palermo’s muslim history has made an impact on the markets of the town. The markets are perhaps the best-preserved of Sicily’s Arab traditions. Visiting local markets is one of the way to feel the atmosphere of Sicilian folklore and history. Palermo street markets are full of sounds, smells and colours, variety of food (fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, meat or spices). There are some the most popular typical outdoor markets in Palermo.

The Vucciria. Probably the most popular market for visitors in the city center. The name came from the word “bucceria” (Norman French “boucherie”). “Vucciria” in Sicilian today means “confusion”, the confusion of many voices, sounds. It is a true symbol of the city. The market contains many narrow streets and squares. Also there you can find the typical street food of Palermo. In the nights when the market closes the Vucciria becomes the most popular meeting point.

Other particular market of the city is Ballaro. It is the oldest market in the city, famous for the sale of the early fruits and vegetables, which come directly from the countryside. It is mainly a food market. This market is located a few steps from the MartoranaChurch and Quattro Canti.

Il Capo market is located behind the Teatro Massimo. Il Capo is both the name of the district (which is historic) and the name of the daily food market. It was the Augustinian monks who first populated this area. The famous church of Sant  Agostino was constructed near the Il Capo market in the fourteenth century. Although the market sells a variety of goods, it is best known for its food, and local delicacies in a concentrated section of the Via Volturno.

The fourth historical market of Palermo is Borgo Vecchio, near the Politeama theatre but reaching the Port of Palermo. In this market you can find some shops almost always open, even at night.

Don’t miss the Flea market. The famous Sicilian antiques market is located near the beautiful cathedral of Palermo. The market, which have been existing there since the war, offers antique objects, furniture, curiosities, rarities. Flee markets offers you to see the  permanent antiques exhibition of vintage and modern art.

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