The Gap Year – Why Not?

Traditional meaning of The Gap Year is the period of time when a student takes a break from the studies. However, nowadays The Gap Year definition became more wide. The term  isn’t just for students. Anyone can take a gap year (or just few months) at any age. You can be either a young professional who just wants to get a chance to change career or someone wants to take a break to travel the world. According to the people who had this experience there are plenty reasons why to take a gap year:

Þ     A gap year can be great for CV – many employers value the different experiences abroad.

Þ     If you are not admitted to the university you really wanted. It’s a good chance not to waste your time of waiting one more year.

Þ     If you’re not sure what you want to do in the future. The gap year can help you to decide and realize what you like and able to do. You’ll have time to think.

Þ     If you just want to take a break from studying. The students after a gap year are generally more focused and responsible.

Þ     If you want to gain skills and experience. You will learn about yourself and about the world. It will help to easy adapt to new places and make new friendships.

There are plenty of things that you can do with yourself during a gap year. For example, some people just choose to travel around, observe, think, get to know the other cultures. There are many Gap Year organisations  which might help to plan the travelling. Usually just travelling requires a huge budget, so for this reason volunteer, work or internships are more popular way to spend the gap time.  Leaving the comfort zone gives you a chance to gain valuable skills, competences and experience in different areas. It develops your personality, creates new outlook, gives opportunity to learn new languages in original environment. Moreover, for shorter periods of gap there are other opportunities, for example Summer Camps or International projects in different fields.

The perfect time won’t come, don’t wait – just do it!