Since 2010 In-Sicilia has been working in the ambit of Transnational programs – LifeLong Learning and Youth in Action Programs (as a hosting and sending partner) with the aim to promote professional and formative mobility experiences within European Union.


“ME&EUROPE” - Youth in Action – 1.1. Youth Exchange

“ME&EUROPE” – a bilateral Youth Exchange between Italy (Sicily) and Malta under the Youth in Action program – was implemented in 2010.

The aim of the project was to promote the European citizenship, providing to the participants knowledge about European Union institutions, its programs and policies and encouraging the reflection on different realities and cultures of participants.

The Youth Exchange involved 20 young people (10 Italians and 10 Maltese) who were accompanied by 2 team leaders.

The Youth Exchange lasted 11 days, during that time participants spent 4 days in Italy, 4 days in Malta and 3 days were dedicated to travelling.

The participants of the Youth Exchange were actively involved in the design of the project, the implementation and follow-up. It provided them with the opportunity to test their leadership skills and to exchange good practices among  peers.





Partner of the project: ZAK – Zghazagh Azzjoni Kattolika from Malta
Asterisco – Applicant of the project.

“DO NOT WASTE YOUR SPARE TIME” - Youth in Action - 1.1. Youth Exchange

“DO NOT WASTE YOUR SPARE TIME” – a bilateral Youth Exchange Project between Spain (Andalusia) and Italy (Sicily) under the Youth in Action Program – was implemented in 2011.

It was aimed to reflect on the importance of the free time of young people.

The Youth Exchange involved 28 young people (14 Italians and 14 Spanish) , aged between 18 and 24 years old, who were accompanied by 2 team leaders.

The activities of the Youth Exchange were implemented over the period of 10 days, where 6 days participants spent in Palermo, Italy and 4 days in Seville, Spain.

During the Youth Exchange the program was developed aiming at stimulation a dynamic and intense reflection on the importance of leisure in the daily life; the role that leisure plays in the personal and social growth of the individual and how young people are spending their free time based on their different economic, social and cultural contexts.

The 28 participants of the Youth Exchange were active in group work based on non-formal learning methods, such as Role-plays, workshops, video projections, presentations and visits. The participants were involved in every aspect of planning, implementing and evaluation of the Youth Exchange.

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Partner of the project: NATURE NEPRES XXI S.L. from Seville (Spain).

Asterisco – Applicant of the project.


“ART – ARTS IN MOVEMENT” - LifeLong Learning Programme – LdV – PLM

ART- Arts in movement” (Project No. LLP-LDV-PLM-10-EN-054) – PLM Mobility Project that gave the opportunity to Sicilian Youth (38 young people aged between 19 and 30 years) to experience transnational mobility and to spend the period of 13 weeks (91 days) in either Spain or Ireland.

The Project intended to facilitate and promote the process of autonomy of young people through the transnational mobility experience that gave them an invaluable opportunity to increase  skills and competences in a supranational and multicultural dimension.

The overall objective of the project ART was to foster the learning of young Sicilians about the high-quality transnational mobility processes, to strengthen and improve employability and participation in the labor market.

The specific objectives of the project were:

1) foster the adaptability of young people to new and different environments;

2) enhance the capacity of autonomy and organization;

3) enhance interpersonal skills;

4) transfer and share professional skills;

5) encourage experimentation in new contexts to bring out the potential;

6) encourage learning of foreign languages.

Before the departure participants were enrolled in either Spanish or English language courses of a total duration of 60 hours.

230868_1809988208566_1205810616_31685547_7425634_n[1]Partners of the project:

-          M.E.P. Europrojects Granada (Granada European Mobility Projects) from Granada (Spain),

-          E.C.E. European Career Evolution from Cork (Ireland),

-          NATURE NEPRES XXI S.L. from Seville (Spain). 

Asterisco – Applicant of the project.

“TOUR – TOURISM IN EUROPE” - LifeLong Learning Programme – LdV – PLM

“TOUR – TOURISM IN EUROPE” (Project No. 2012-1-IT1-LEO02-02561) – PLM Mobility Project that was funded by the Life LongLearning Program and co-financed by the Authorities of the Region of Sicily (Department of Family, Social Affairs and Labor).

The project gave the opportunity to young people from Sicily and Emilia Romagna regions of Italy (79 young people aged between 20 and 30 years old who were not enrolled in higher education systems) to do traineeships either in Spain, Ireland, Poland, France or Portugal in the field of Tourism.

TOUR offered transnational mobility experience of a total duration of 16 weeks, combined of 3 weeks of language course (60 hours) and 13 weeks of internships in different businesses structures in the tourism sector in destination countries.

Participants of the project TOUR benefited especially professionally because they had an opportunity to test their skills and competences in the real job situations in the intercultural environments.





Partners of the project:

-          Aviva from Poland,

-          EUROPEAN CAREER EVOLUTION from Cork (Ireland),

-          M.E.P. Europrojects Granada from Granada (Spain),

-          ALFMED ACADEMIE DE LANGUES from Perpignan (France),

-          Intercultural Association Mobility Friends from Barcelos (Portugal).

Asterisco – Applicant of the project.

“Professional training of chefs – International transfer of knowledge” - LifeLong Learning Programme – LdV – VETPRO

“Professional training of chefs – International transfer of knowledge” (Project No. 2013-1-PL1-LEO03-38106) – PLM  mobility project under Leonardo da Vinci programme, was implemented in 2013.

In-Sicilia hosted the total of six incoming groups of Polish professionals chefs and hotel managers.

In-Sicilia took care of the linguistic mediation of the study visits and workshops in which Polish guests had the opportunity to discover the Sicilian cuisine inside the kitchens of several types of restaurants from Palermo and its province: Dorian, revisiting the traditional recipes of the Sicilian cuisine; Trattoria Tipica Altri Tempi, receiving guests in a friendly atmosphere; A Cuccagna, that has just celebrated forty years of work; the agritourism Villa Mirto, nearby Monreale, offering its delicious local products; and La Botte, restaurant established in 1962 by the internationally renowned chef Salvatore Cascino.

In order to learn about the ingredients of the Sicilian cuisine in depth, the study visits programme took into account  tours to historic markets of Palermo, Capo and Ballarò. A tour to discover the Sicilian street food was organized at historic bars like Antica Focacceria San Francesco and Porta Carbone. There our guests had the opportunity to taste Sicilian specialities: sfincione (pizza with tomato sauce, onion, cheese and anchovies), panelle (fritters made from chickpea flour), crocchè (croquettes), arancine (fried rice balls coated with breadcrumbs) and pane con la milza (bread stuffed with chopped veal’s spleen).

chef-3367Partner of the project:

Vocational training center “Dobre Kadry” from Wroclaw (Poland).

Asterisco – Receiving Organization.

“Acquainting the European Experience in Providing Quality Security Services”- LifeLong Learning Programme – LdV – PLM

“Acquainting the European Experience in Providing Quality Security Services” (Project No. 2013-1-GR1-LEO02-14956) PLM mobility project funded under the Leonardo da Vinci programme.

In-Sicilia hosted 20 Greek operators working in the field of quality security services from the 17th of November 2013 until 29th of November 2013.

The aim of the project was to analyse and compare experiences, operational approaches and the equipment used in security sector and services between Greece and Italy.

During 2 weeks of the mobility participants visited the total of 8 industries and companies of security services operating in the area of Palermo. For example, companies “BSI” and “Europol” introduced participants to self-defence, specialization CIT, legal compliance methods in Italy. Companies “Maitech“, “SEPI” and “StarSystem” presented what is needed to know in order to work as a company security vendor. Other companies introduced to the safety in entertainment, equipment monitoring, detective systems. Furthermore, participants attended a first aid training organized by Hydra Sport.

Partner of the project:


Asterisco – Receiving Organization.



“Crecemos con la formacion en Europa 2” - LifeLong Learning Programme – LdV – PLM

Crecemos con la formacion en Europa 2” (Project No. 2013-1-ES1-LEO02-70695) – PLM mobility project funded under the  Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

The project was aimed to improve skills of 15 students from Spain in their studies fields allowing them to do a placement in Sicily, thus preparing them for their future world of work.

The project was implemented in 2 flows and the total of 15 Spanish students were hosted by In-Sicilia in Palermo and did their internships in different companies in the fields of Administration and Finance in 2014.

1st flow – 3rd March 2014 – 27th April 2014 – 9 Spanish students (7 girls and 2 boys);

2nd flow – 1st October 2014 – 28th November 2014 – 6 Spanish students (2 girls  and 4 boys);

Besides from students’ field of studies, in which they gained stronger practical knowledge, they acquired other, transversal skills such as the ability to work in the international surrounding, take directions from the supervisor, work individually and in the team and, finally, follow deadlines.

Involving students in the working life in Palermo gave them the opportunity to learn about the functioning of Sicilian enterprises in the above mentioned areas. Participants were able to compare the similarities and differences between Sicily and their home country.

Moreover, a 20 hour Italian course was offered to participants by an experienced teacher specializing in teaching the language to foreigners. It proved to be very beneficial as students were able to use the language in their work as well as in everyday life.

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Partner of the project: IESCARTUJASchool from Granada (Spain).

Asterisco – Receiving Organization.

“Young technicians in Europe III” - LifeLong Learning Programme – LdV – IVT

Young technicians in Europe III” (Project No. CZ/13/LLP-LdV/IVT/134187) – IVT mobility project financed under the Leonardo da Vinci programmme.

It was aimed at improving skills and competences of participants in the fields of IT, Energy, Electronic Computer Systems and Engineering.

In-Sicilia hosted 6 students and 1 coordinator from Czech Republic from the 15th of June 2014 until the 28th of June 2014.

During 2 weeks participants were trained in different companies in Palermo in the respective fields.

The participants were involved in intercultural conversations meetings and in dynamic activities with Sicilian young people in order to improve and extend their language and cultural skills.

Moreover, participants had the opportunity to spend an entire day at Mondello, the amazing beach near Palermo, where they had the chance to enjoy the fabulous sea under a pleasant sun. Besides that, Asterisco organized different cultural activities for participants in order to introduce them to Italian culture, cuisine, life style.

Partner of the project:

Střední průmyslová škola Třebíč from Třebíč (CzechRepublic).

Asterisco – Receiving Organization.


Experts of Exports - Erasmus+ - KA1

Experts of Exports: Development of Human Resources for the enhancement of the extroversion of Laconian agro food businesses” (Project No. 2014-1-EL01-KA102-000390) VET Staff Mobility Project funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

The project was aimed at increasing the skills of participants in export of products to other EU countries. In particular in the fields of export marketing, standardization and certification, professional communication and cooperation in foreign markets, use of foreign languages ​​in business – technical terms etc.

In-Sicilia hosted 6 participants (owners, managers or trainers from SMEs of the agro-food sector and mainly enterprises for oranges, olives and grapes and their by products) and 1 facilitator from the 2nd of May until the 16th May, 2015.

During 5 days of the project participants attended theoretical training courses about standardization and certification, marketing, business English, etc. We used the innovative approach, because one theoretical training was held at ColleVerde Supermarket in Palermo providing hands-on experience to participants.

During other days of the project participants visited 11 local enterprises specializing in agriculture industries, such as Ermes Winery, Sicilian Institute of the Certifications of the products, Fiasconaro Company, Morettino Coffee, Prickly Pear Company, Stramondo Company, Vaccaro Winery, Agricultural Company Pagano and others.





Partner of the project: LACONIA DEVELOPMENT & PROGRESS ORGANIZATION from Greece.

Asterisco – Receiving Organization.

“Acceso a un empleo de calidad mediante prácticas en Europa AECPE” – Erasmus+ – KA102

InSicilia was an Intermediary partner organization for the project “Acceso a un empleo de calidad mediante prácticas en Europa AECPE” (project No. 2014-1-ES01-KA102-002028) funded under the Erasmus+ programme, the Key Action 1.

AECPE mobility project was aimed to strengthen professional, personal and linguistic skills and competences of 18 Spanish students who had an average grade, considering the vocational training system. The mobility experience lasted 3 months providing students the opportunity to do internships at professional companies in different sectors complementing their studies’ fields in Palermo.

From 10/03/2015 to 10/06/2015 18 Spanish students did their internships in the following sectors:

- Mechanics,

- Electro-mechanics,

- Electronics and

- Carpentry.





During their experience abroad participants have developed various transversal skills such as adaptability, ability to follow deadlines and achieve goals, teamwork, ability to work in the intercultural setting, etc.

Partner of the project: vocational school IES Virgen de las Nieves from Spain.

Asterisco – Intermediary Organisation.

Internships Experiences - Erasmus+ - KA 103

InSicilia was an Intermediary partner Organisation for the Project No. 2014-1-ES01-KA103-002686) funded under the Erasmus+ programme, the Key Action 1.

The mobility project was aimed to develop and improve the professional and linguistic skills of 10 Spanish students from the Superior Grade as it is provided by the Spanish vocational training system.

During 3 months of the mobility experience students did internships in different sectors in companies in the province of Palermo.

The areas of internships that lasted from 10/03/2015 to 10/06/2015 were:

- Mechatronics,

- Industrial Electronics,

- Early Childhood Education,

- Guide and Tourist Information,

- Telecommunication and Computer Systems.

During the mobility experience abroad the participants have developed various transversal skills such as adaptability, ability to follow deadlines and achieve goals, teamwork, ability to adapt to international environment, etc.





Partner of the project: vocational school IES Virgen de las Nieves from Spain.

Asterisco – Intermediate Organization.



In-Sicilia is a partner for ERASMUS+ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Strategic Partnership for Adult Education project “Collect. Recycle. Manufacture.”(Project No. 2014-1-LT01-KA204-000508-948037649).


The project has started in September, 2014 and will last until the end of August, 2016.

CRM project is aimed to increase awareness of participants about one of the biggest global problems in the world -the increasing felling of forest areas, where the wood is used for paper production. Another important issue is the growing paper consumption and excessive consumerism.

During the project the partners analyze situations in each participating country and share their experiences with others. Project participants learn to produce handmade paper out of collected used paper and teach other members of community to do the same.

The project encourages the learners to look back to the past. Using our ancestors’ wisdom, we learn to produce ecological dyes extracted from herbs and ground pigments. Ecological dyes are used in the process of handmade paper making. Afterwards, the handmade paper sheets are used to make postcards, aromatherapy papers, books tags, art works, etc.

Our handmade showpieces will be exhibited and sold in exhibitions and fairs. Moreover, we will not only encourage people to re-use paper and teach how to bring it back to life, but will also inspire to use the knowledge of our ancestors.

The whole process of producing handmade paper and ecological dyes is being filmed. From all this material at the end of the project we will create a film which will be available for all educators to use in their future seminars and training sessions. We will also make a publication which will include handmade paper methodology and an album with all the showpieces made by the project participants.





Partner organizations working in the field of adult education:

-          Vilnius “Zidinio” Adults Gymnasium from Lithuania;

-          KerryOneWorldCenter (KOWC) from Ireland;

-          EuropeanCenter in Training for Employment (ECTE) from Greece;

-          Associacao Intercultural Amigos de Mobilidade (AIAM) from Portugal;

To Learn more about C.R.M Projects

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„WYN – Virtual Youth Networking“ – Erasmus+ - KA1

In-Sicilia is a partner for the Youth Exchange project “Virtual Youth Networking” (project No. 2014-2-HU02-KA105-000333) funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

3 cultural Youth Exchanges will be organized within 2 years of the project involving young people with fewer opportunities from Italy, Hungary and Romania . 2 exchangeswill be implemented in 2015 (in Hungary and Italy), and 1 – in 2016 (in Romania).

The target group of the project is 59 young people aged between 19 and 28 years old who are strongly interested and motivated to participate, of which 19 young people living in Sicily, 20 young people resident in Romania and 20 young residents in Hungary.

The overall aim of the project is to develop e-skills, the entrepreneurial skills and social competences among young people through peer learning.

The project arouse from the idea that even though more than 60% of young people have a personal profile on social networks, but only a minority is aware of the potential existing networking tools. Social networks today are considered to be key spaces for social and personal development of youth.

The objectives of the project are:
 To promote equity and inclusion of young Europeans;
 To develop social and entrepreneurial skills in order to enhance employability in Europe;
 To increase the understanding and awareness of other cultures, offering the opportunity to build networks at the international level;
 To foster the participation in society and the development of European Identity;
 To improve foreign language skills of participants;
 To reinforce values like solidarity, democracy and friendship.

In addition, participation in the project will help young people to develop their ICT skills (information and communication technologies), especially while raising awareness how to use it consciously for personal and professional development.

The exchanges will involve the development of experiential activities, including:

- Workshops;
- Teambuilding activities;
- Ice-breakers;
- Role-plays;
- Excursions;
aimed at the integration of young people in the group, mutual exchanges of the experiences, sharing of their knowledge and the reflection on the themes proposed.





Partner organizations:

- INNOVAFORM from Hungary;

- FONDATIA ARCHEUS from Romania;

- Asterisco from Italy.

“SI4MB - Social Inclusion for Youth with Migrant Background” – Erasmus+ - KA1

In-Sicilia is a partner organization for the Youth Exchange project “SI4MB – Social Inclusion for Youth with Migrant Background” (project No. LH/AD/mfj/KA1-EJ-31-14-R2)

The Youth Exchange will happen in July, 2015 in Brussels and involves the total of 30 participants (aged between 18 and 30) with migrant background/ in long-term unemployment or poverty; /having obtained at least a secondary school diploma; / having economic, cultural and social obstacles (low income, descendants from immigrant families, people facing discrimination because of ethnicity) from Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Belgium.

This project aims to develop competences of young people with a migrant background currently available in the labor market, strengthening links between the youth field and the labor market.

The main objective of the project is to develop competences and to improve knowledge of young people with migrant background through a youth exchange mobility programme abroad. The project promotes the social mobility through the development of key competencies allowing young people with migrant background to widen their cultural experiences by being involved in a multicultural environment and in an international dimension.

Focusing on the learning needs of the beneficiaries, the specific objectives are identified by using a holistic method and taking into consideration the following aspects:[/symple_highlight]

1. Self-empowerment: psychological and professional empowerment, particularly in the areas of cognition and relational, now considered strategic resources for economic development.
2. Job Orientation: Ability to test their career choice and become more conscious about their strengths and weaknesses (through the help of skills assessments and interviews with a psychologist and job advisor);
3. Professionalism: the development of professional skills in the areas of address (tourism, marketing, education, business, media, new technologies).
4. Language empowerment: the improvement of knowledge and skills in the linguistic communication.

Partner organizations:

- European Center for Economic and Policy Analysis and Affairs from Belgium; IMG_20150716_115031690_HDRP1010866
- EuroTraining Srl. from Italy;
- CEIPES from Italy;
- Intercultural Association Mobility Friends from Portugal;
- Ente Bilaterale Turismo Toscano from Italy;
- Circolo Culturale Africa from Italy;
- Vyara Foundation from Bulgaria;
- Associazione Centro Servizi Immigrati Marche from Italy;