Asterisco, with the InSicilia – European Projects and Transnational Mobility Department is a Partner in the Strategic Partnership Project “Collect. Recycle. Manufacture” (Project N° 2014-1-LT01-KA204-000508-948037649) in the framework of the  ERASMUS + Programme – KA 2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

The Strategic Partnership “Collect.Recycle.Manufacture”  is a Transnational Cooperation Project on a small scale which offers the opportunity to Organizations active in adult education and in the area of training to:
implement and transfer innovative practices at the local, regional, national and European level;
support positive and long-lasting effects on Organizations participating, on systems and on directly individuals involved.

The “Collect.Recycle.Manufacture” Project is aimed to increase awareness of the European citizens about the excessive consumerism of the paper and consequently about increasing felling of forest areas on the planet, throughout the experimentation and the dissemination of techniques and methodologies about creative reuse of used paper and to extract natural dyes.

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Activities to be carried out by all Partner Organizations:

-  Research about the consumption of used paper at national, regional, local level and within own Organization;

- Participation in 6 international meetings in each Partner Country for the exchange of good practice;

-  Testing methodologies of creative reuse of waste paper;

-  Testing methodologies on the extraction of natural dyes;

-  Organization and realization of seminars about the methods addressed to target groups;

-  Definition and collection of the methods;

-  E-book creation about the methods;

-  Creating educational video about the methodologies;

-  Dissemination of the results of the Project at local and European level;

-  Planting trees in each participating country.

Tangible Results

-   educational video about the methodologies of creative recycling of used paper and about the extraction of natural dyes;

-   e-book on methodologies and techniques of creative recycling of used paper

-   e-book on methodologies about natural dye;

-   planting trees in each participating country;

-   realization of seminars about the techniques of creative recycling of used paper and about the extraction of natural dyes for target project.

Intangible Results

-   strengthening of the cooperation among Partners Organizations;

-   development of the creativity skills of the Partners and the target groups;

-  empowerment of the civic consciousness of the Partners and target groups;

-    awareness to eco-sustainable behavior and responsible consumption.

Vilniaus “Zidinio” suaugusiuju gimnazija – LITHUANIA



Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade – PORTUGAL





Ecological problems more and more influence our lives and adult education is not an exception. Various integrated programs are being created and ecological matters are included into many school subjects. We can talk about ecological problems during the lessons but our experience shows that the most effective ways is practical activities. One of the most efficient and creative ways is participation in project so since the year of 2000, Vilnius „Židinio“ gymnasium teachers and students have been participating in programs supported by Grundtvig, Comenius, Europa Workshop, Nordplus Adult and JTBA.

In September, 2014, Vilnius „Židinio“ adult gymnasium teachers and students started an Erasmus+: Grundtvig Strategic Partnerships project „Collect. Recycle. Manufacture“. The aim of the project is to recycle used paper and to use it for a specific purpose as a way of solving ecological problems. Other participants of this project are adult education institutions from Greece (European Center in Training for Employmen, Crete), Ireland (Kerry Action for Development Education, Tralee), Italy ASTERISCO-Associazione per lo sviluppo socioeconomic, Palermo) and Portugal (Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade, Barcelos).

All countries actively participate in project workshops which were the main objective of the first project meeting in Lithuania, from the 18th to 22nd of January, 2015. Project partners presented their organizations and the research results on paper usage and recycling in their countries. They have also conducted interesting researches on how much paper is used in their local communities. All countries calculated the amount of paper they use per year and converted this number into the amount of trees that were used to produce that amount of paper. Each country has undertaken to replant the exact number of trees.

Project coordinators introduced the participants to a handmade paper making methodology. During seminars, project members produced their own handmade paper sheets and other artistic pieces from paper pulp. Project meeting ended with an exhibition from handmade art pieces from paper pulp produced during the seminars.

Each team left Lithuania having an assignment to test out the methodology they have learnt and to organize seminars in their countries to their target groups on chosen handmade paper making methodology. From January to April, project participants held 17 seminars to various target groups such as seniors, social workers, kindergarten teachers, elementary school students, disabled people, local citizens, adult educators, trainees, volunteers and students. During these seminars we were making paper sheets, postcards, pictures, Shrovetide masks, Easter decorations and eggs, penholders and lampshades. Each seminars ends with an exhibition of participants‘ handmade art works. Participants of the seminars are happy to try a new and interesting activity which, by some of them, will be applied in their work and for others will become a great leisure time activity. And the most important part is the fact that at the same time we recycle and produce new, lovely things.

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Is ecology still attractive? - Vilniaus Zidinio


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