“La Sicilia è il paese delle arance, del suolo fiorito la cui aria, in primavera, è tutto un profumo… Ma quello che ne fa una terra necessaria a vedersi e unica al mondo è il fatto che, da un’estremità all’altra, essa si può definire uno strano e divino museo di architettura” (G. de Maupassant, Viaggio in Sicilia, 1885).

Sicily with its exotic beauty, breathtaking views and countless beauties has always been a destination for artists and travelers from all over the world.
Palermo, Sicilian administrative center and center of the Mediterranean, contains the magic of the island. It has always been a crossroad of various populations and cultures. Palermo is a city with thousand sides which unite various elements and souls. Architectures of Arabic, Norman, Byzantine, Baroque and Liberty styles coexist in a unique scenery and give rise to an original and immense artistic and cultural patrimony.

Palermo offers the fascinating atmosphere of the alleys and the plazas that form the biggest historical center of Europe. Tourists need to admire the variety and richness of churches and noble palaces and enjoy scents and colors of famous markets. The sea, the beaches, the light, the climate and the traditional hospitality of Palermo’s inhabitants make it an interesting, vivacious and welcoming city.

The traditional food, made up of dishes that exalt at best local products, the great wines, the famous sweets or the typical street food complete the identity of the city, along with a wide cultural and recreational offer.

Its geographic position also makes Palermo the perfect base for visiting the rest of the island: it’s far an hour and a half from Agrigento, two hours from Taormina and Siracusa and only 99 km from Trapani.

Since we’re absolutely sure that the knowledge of a language can not disregard the experience of the territory and its culture, the Center will be happy to guide the students to the discovery of the city, while keeping them constantly updated about the most interesting events and activities.

How to reach Palermo

By airplane:
The International Airport “Falcone and Borsellino” of Punta Raisi is located at 32 km of distance from the city and is connected to Palermo by bus and train .
The Birgi-Trapani airport is two hours far from Palermo and is connected with the city center by bus (Terravision and Salemi Bus Service).

By train:
Palermo’s Central Station is connected to the national train lines.