InSicilia provides the support to mobility programmes such as a study period abroad, internship or work abroad opportunities in order to enrich participants‘ background, skills and competences. Besides that, InSicilia offers other services and intercultural activities to assure the success of the mobility period and to foster the social and cultural growth of the participants.

The Organization builds the perfect match between activities and services according to the needs of the participants. InSicilia offers you an ad hoc package.


Monitoring and Evaluation

InSicilia guarantees a continuous monitoring of participants and their integration in the local community during the entire mobility period. In Sicilia’s team supports all participants in order to ensure the linear progress of their experiences and intervenes to solve possible misunderstandings and conflicts. The monitoring is carried out using standardized instruments for measuring the satisfaction and improvement of the participants.


The tutoring is a continuous activity during the entire mobility period: 24/7. It is aimed to monitor the progress of the participants, their  acquisition of skills, the successful development of study visits and also to facilitate the inclusion in the social reality and resolve potential integration issues. Indeed the Tutor is the point of reference for the participants and keeps a constant contact with them.


InSicilia issues the certificates to the participants proving their participation at the mobility project and achievements. Moreover the trainees receive a certificate confirming the skills acquired and a letter of reference by the host organization.

Free use of the office

InSicilia offers the use of its Office during the opening hours. The participants are able to enjoy the Office of InSicilia, to use classrooms that are equipped with PCs and have the internet connection. In addition, each computer has all the necessary software to browse on internet, work and play audio and video. Giving the opportunity to use office space further fosters the ICT skills of the participants.

Logistic services

InSicilia organizes transfers between theAirport ofPalermo and the accommodation. Based on your request we can provide participants with the Public Transport card for the entire mobility period.

Welcome meeting

Upon the arrival, the participants are invited to take part in a meeting with the team of InSicilia. Team introduces them to the organization and its activities, the work programme of the mobility project and provides with the useful information about the accommodation and the local services. Each participant gets a Welcome Package with touristic information and maps of the city.


InSicilia organizes an Orientation meeting before the mobility programme starts. Orientation is needed to introduce participants to cultural habits, to the placement company and to their work experience. Our purpose is to encourage and promote professional standards and the improvement of the mobility period. InSicilia is particularly interested in encouraging the mobility of participants having diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.