InSicilia believes that the internship experience abroad is a key opportunity for young Europeans. It plays a very important role in the personal and professional growth of individual, as well as it gives an opportunity to acquire relevant knowledge and skills.

The internship is an opportunity for the trainee to get involved in the labour market: through a deep first-hand experience in a specific sector, the participant develops his/hers capacities fostering the transition to the working world.

Thanks to a previous analysis of the participant’s profile we find a perfect match between the host company and the participant. InSicilia proposes a high quality internship experience in enterprises or Organizations active in various economic sectors, such as:

-> Tourism & culture
-> Catering and restaurant
-> Services
-> Administration and accounting
-> Early childhood education
-> Mechanics
-> Marketing and communication
-> IT and electronics

To be continued…

What are the objectives of learning mobility experience abroad?

develop and improve professional skills and competences
enhance the adaptability and flexibility
raise awareness about different cultures and habits
improve self management
develop and strengthen the language skills
raise awareness of being a EU citizen
develop and improve the organizational skills

Our approach

  • We tailor the internship programme to the needs of participants and of the Organisations in order to achieve the aims of the Projects
  • Our staff are equipped with knowledge and rich practical experience in the monitoring and tutorship of the participants and programs
  • We combine formal and informal approaches to monitor the evolution of the mobility experiences establishing close relationships with the participants
  • We encourage reflections and feedback after each mobility programme
  • We issue certificates after the programme
  • We put a special emphasis on the social and cultural dimensions of programs.


The team of InSicilia can’t wait to host young people who want to learn, to play the game, who are flexible and adaptable and above all who have a strong desire to get familiar and to discover another country and themselves.