Friendly and dynamic environment  is very important to promote the exchange among different cultures. InSicilia strategically and creatively organizes Cultural Activities in order to facilitate the inclusion of the participants in various socio-cultural environments in Palermo.

Conversation Exchange

InSicilia organizes social meetings in order to promote the dialogue and to spread the knowledge about Italian/Sicilian culture involving Italian people. The participants take part in the language exchange and in dynamic activities to improve and extend their language and cultural skills. Moreover, InSicilia organizes English conversations among young foreigners and Italians who want to improve their language competences in English. Another useful conversation exchange is the linguistic Tandem: an advantageous method of language learning attained through the conversation between two people speaking in different languages. Each participant is a native speaker of the language that the other participant wants to learn. Learning the language in a tandem is an open learning method through which  people having different mother tongues work in pairs attempting  to learn the language of the partner, to know the partner, its culture and to exchange knowledge. Working in a tandem is an intercultural learning that requires at the same time participation and autonomy of parties involved.

Cultural Visits

Cultural visits emphasize the life experience in a foreign culture. It goes beyond cultural exploration and discovery, it involves a transformation of the way of living. InSicilia organizes cultural tours to reveal the beauty of Palermo, to visit the main monuments and discover streets of Palermo. Also, on the request of the participants we offer different tours around Sicily, such as: tours to Monreale, Erice, Cefalù, Marsala. Cultural Visits are the departure point to explore Sicilian values, it helps to develop positive images and relationship within the society and among the people. The participants have the possibility to discover different cultural dominations of Sicily. InSicilia can also include either one or more cultural events or activities, for example excursions to theatres, cinemas, art galleries or festivals.

Social e-bike

InSicilia organizes innovative tours around Palermo and in the countryside by bike or electric bike providing an opportunity to discover the artistic wonders of Sicily. This is a new way to “communicate” and “interact” with Sicilian touristic, socio-cultural and historical areas.

Workshop on Sicilian folk music and Drum

InSicilia proposes a very particular “travel” to discover the folk music of Sicily thanks to an experimental typical Sicilian drum workshop. The workshop allows the participants to learn the basic techniques of the drum and get familiar with the rhythm. The participants have the opportunity to create a special harmonious relationship and communicate with the instrument. The workshop doesn’t required previous knowledge in music. We assure that the participants will come in contact with the instrument immediately and spontaneously without any “cultural filter”. We provide to the participants hand made tambourines for the workshop.

Sicilian cooking experience

As a cradle of Mediterranean civilization influenced by many different dominations, Sicily is rich in  culture and gastronomy.  InSicilia proposes the opportunity to learn and to be involved in the preparation of the typical Sicilian dishes with the local family. After the workshop  the participants can enjoy the prepared meals all together. The cuisine of Sicily is as complex as its history and this experience gives to the participants a deeper understanding of  Sicilian lifestyle. 

Workshop on house-made production of Tomato Sauce

Sicily being a great producer of tomatoes also has a long tradition of the preparation of tomato sauce. Indeed the tomato sauce has an important place among the recipes of the typical Sicilian cuisine, and before being the main condiment of many Sicilian recipes it is a real preserves.

Every year, during the summer season, the Sicilian families get together for home preparation, without a commercial purpose, of the tomato sauce according to the ancient tradition handed down from generation to generation. Although today the tomato sauce is a product available in the industrial markets, the majority of families continue to carry on this tradition The reason can be read in the eyes of those who taste it “is absolutely not the same thing”.

In Sicily the preparation of the tomato sauce is considered as a ritual to be shared with loved ones. For the Sicilians crucial step of the preparation is the choice of raw materials that must have specific characteristics (tomato, onion, basil) to ensure high quality of the product. The grandmothers or women in general are the keepers of the ancient recipe. They are as orchestra conductors leading the group that is going to prepare the sauce, illustrate the recipe, assign tasks, coordinate and influence by giving useful advices.

In order to enrich the experience of the participants Asterisco proposes a Workshop on house-made production of Tomato Sauce. The participants will have the opportunity to discover the culinary tradition of Sicilian families through practical experience as a tradition lasting from morning to sunset.

The day will be ended with a tasting, participants will be involved in the preparation of a dish of spaghetti to be served with the created sauce . Moreover the participants will take along the produced bottles of tomato sauce.