The 2nd meeting of the “Virtual Youth Networking” in Palermo has just finished!

In-Sicilia is a partner for the Youth Exchange Project “Virtual Youth Networking” funded under the Erasmus+ Programme (KA1). The Project is combined of 3 cultural youth exchanges held one in each participating country (Italy, Hungary, Romania).

The 2nd meeting of the “Virtual Youth Networking” Project has just finished! It took place in Palermo, Sicily, Italy  from the 13 to the 22 September, 2015. The exchange meeting involved 9 Italian, 10 Romanian and 10 Hungarian young people and the team leaders.

On the first days of the exchange, the participants got to know each other through ice breakers,  interactive group games and teambuilding activities combined with information and communication technologies. During the Project participants  have learnt about the technological development of the social networks and improved their knowledge about the social media and communication strategies. The new practical e-skills and competences of using the social media tools and dissemination techniques were developed in IT Lab workshops through exchange the ideas among the participants. They  have also enjoyed the Cultural visits of Palermo and Monreale in order to know better the Sicilian Culture.

Partner Organizations:

INNOVAFORM from Hungary;


ASTERISCO from Italy.

Here are the greatest moments of the project!