This is the project of InSicilia – Projects and Transnational Mobility Department of Asterisco – aimed at fostering the mobility of individuals and learning experiences in the European area. It was born in order to create new opportunities for young people, workers, experts and Organizations to improve their competences, and to exchange good practices through the implementation of growth experiences in a transnational dimension and networking among European citizens.

With the passion and from a long-standing experience of Asterisco in the ambit of European mobility projects and Vocational Training, the Team is focused on providing high quality experiences in stimulating contexts, competently combining activities and services that are essential to foster full development of the skills and individual potential.

«Palermo, Museum of the Mediterranean: if you wish to know what happened on these azure tides come to Palermo. It is a beautiful city, a sweet city, a scented city. Its plazas, its streets, its gardens, its monuments are magnificent. Here’s Sicily: masterpiece of nature, center of a world, illustrious land, as moving as noble in its mysterious destiny.».

Gabriel Hanotaux, Diplomat of the French Academy, 1853-1944