Professionals without borders

The European professional card (EPC) aimed to facilitate the free movement of professionals in the EU. This card will simplify the recognition of professional qualifications, enhance transparency for EU citizens and increase trust among authorities across the EU.

What? EPC is an electronic procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications between countries of  EU. It should be available in 2016. It is the electronic proof that you have passed administrative checks and that your professional qualifications have been recognised by the host country.

Who? Initially, the EPC will be available for some selected, highly mobile professions such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides or real estate agents. The number of other professions able to use the EPC should increase in the future.

Why? The electronic procedure will make it easier for you to get your qualifications recognised and your documents validated. Your home country authorities will check that the file is complete and assist you with your application. If you want to make another request later to establish in another country, your file will already exist in the electronic system and you will not need to upload all the documents again. This will save you a lot of time for subsequent applications.  If the authorities in charge of the application do not take a final decision within the legal deadline, you will automatically receive the EPC.

How? Once you have created your account, you can submit your application and electronically scanned copies of the relevant documents.


Check out this short and interesting video about EPC!

European Professional Card